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About Julie Johnson 

     Intelligent interiors infused with personality, art, comfort, luxury, and surprise are my signature style. I am inspired most by nature and of course my clients. I create authentic and unique designs to optimize how a space first functions, then how it feels, and finally how it looks. My aesthetic is achieved by always being on the lookout for new innovations as well as artisan and vintage finds; I am always treasure hunting. 

     Brainstorming and collaborating are at the core of creativity: It is what drives a project’s success.  I aim to establish a common language between builders, clients, and everyone in-between to help with the flow of communication and project management. I am based out of Norman, Oklahoma but often accept projects that require travel. I do both residential and commercial work. My motto is “Just Enjoy!”


Please call or email to schedule your appointment or ask any questions. 

Thank you,
Julie Johnson


Julie Johnson Interiors


Mantle Photo in White Room
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